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Cirqular Entertainment is a production company that specializes in all things circus and providing world-class circus acts for events.


Every event we produce is unique, beautifully designed, and expertly executed.

We aim to deliver...

Cirqular Entertainment's tag line: "More Than Circus"

Meet Kylie Simpson

Meet Kylie Simpson, a seasoned performer with a lifelong passion for dance and circus arts. With an impressive resume including performances for Circus The Show, Circus Rio, and having worked for many agencies, Kylie has wowed audiences around the globe with her dynamic acts on cyr wheel, silks, aerial hoop and dance trapeze.

Kylie Simpson

Kylie Simpson

With over 30 years of performance experience and a dedication to her craft, Kylie Simpson is your go-to-expert in the world of aerial arts. As a founder of Cirqular Entertainment, her leadership shines above all

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Get to Know Us

Welcome to Cirqular Entertainment, where our mission goes beyond the spotlight. Founded in Sydney with a philanthropic vision, we aim to empower artists by providing meaningful performance opportunities that benefit them financially and professionally.


Our tagline, "More than Circus, " reflects our commitment to fostering a supportive and altruistic community within the entertainment industry. Our passion lies in creating and producing shows and events that not only showcase our talents but also create avenues for the growth and development of artists.


Join us in shaping a brighter future for performers everywhere.


Artist & Producer

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Step into the captivating world of Kylie, whose passion for dance ignited at a young age and has since blossomed into a multifaceted career in circus arts and performance. With expertise in cyr wheel, silks, aerial hoop and dance trapeze, Kylie has graced the stages of renowned productions like Circus The Show and Circus Rio.

Her talents have taken her across the globe, touring her dynamic lyra act through China with LaLuna Cirque and Sun Magic Circus, while also lending her creative flair to choreographing and performing dance numbers for LaLuna and Shuvano.

In a groundbreaking moment, Kylie launched Cirqular Entertainment at the 2022 Sydney Royal Easter Show, where she wowed audiences with her duo hoop act performed for none other than Princess Anne, commemorating the show's 200th anniversary under the Royal Agricultural Society's iconic hot air balloon.


Kylie's artistic vision extends beyond the stage, as she has produced, directed, and performed in aerial and ground acts for the Sydney Royal Easter Show Arena Spectacular and daily Street Parades. Her recent premieres at the Adelaide Fringe garnered glowing five-star reviews, solidifying her reputation as a top-tier performer and emerging producer.

With a diverse portfolio, Kylie is a sought-after talent for corporate events across Australia, bringing her unique blend of skill and showmanship to each occasion. Her impressive roster of show credits includes appearances at prestigious events like the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, Royal Heart Revue, Little Big Top, Cirque Arabique, and Slide’s El Circo show.

Kylie's talents aren't confined to the stage alone; her screen credits include roles in feature films such as "Dance Academy: The Comeback" and "Thai Film 2Become1," as well as the critically acclaimed Golden Globe-winning TV series "Top of the Lake."

Experience the magic of Kylie's performances firsthand and elevate your event with her unparalleled artistry and expertise.


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Meet Kylie, a versatile professional blending academia and the captivating world of circus arts. Armed with a Bachelor's in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Sydney, she delved into clinical research for a decade, publishing numerous scientific papers. Simultaneously, she honed her teaching skills, instructing dance and acrobatics for over 25 years.

Under mentors Rhonda and Nathan Sheens, Kylie discovered her passion for teaching at 13, now lending her expertise to prestigious institutions like Circus Monoxide, the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and Aerialize, where she was the former Youth Performance Troupe Coordinator. Under Kylie's leadership, the Troupe wowed audiences with showcases like "A Casual Cabaret" and performances at events like the Cabramatta Bowling Club's 70th Anniversary.

Kylie's coaching extends beyond circus, with highlights including guiding AASCF cheerleading teams to Nationals victory in 2019 and choreographing for the Flying Fruit Fly Circus Certificate III program in 2021. In 2023, her private clients achieved national success in aerial competitions, including two national titles at Bend the Air and worked professionally for Circus Rio. 


With a dedication to excellence, Kylie inspires aspiring performers, leaving an indelible mark on academia and circus arts alike.

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